Hiking route Århus – Silkeborg

Experience the forests, river valleys and the many lakes on a hike between Aarhus and Silkeborg.

Forests, lakes and hills

Between Silkeborg and Ry (approx. 20 km), the hiking route - for almost the entire stretch - runs through a large forest area. Here you can experience stretches of light open deciduous forest, dense conifer plantations, swamps drained by small streams and clearings characterized by meadows or heath.

In some places, the route passes by or near beautiful forest lakes, which lie idyllically in between the hill sections. In other places, it rises above high hill sections, with several spots with a magnificent view. If you are quiet, you will be able to see the many birds in forests and on the water, hear birdsong, see a bird of prey hunting or a deer jumping.

Through forest and meadow along the Gudenå and Mossø

Between Ry and Skanderborg (approx. 20 km) the route passes through quite different landscapes, as well along both Ry Møllesø, Gudenåen and Mossø. South of Ry, it goes through a large beech forest with 150-year-old trees.

Near Emborg Bro, the route runs over several meadows and grasslands near Gudenå. Along the western part of Mossø, the route goes through coniferous forests with several clearings and over large meadows between Emborg and Boes.

At the eastern part of the lake, the route runs over open agricultural areas that slope down towards the lake with a good view, and to the east over low meadows. Between Mossø and Vrold near Skanderborg, the route follows a small valley with a varied landscape of forest, fields, meadows and bog areas with small lakes. From just west of Alken to Vrold, the route uses minor municipal roads. From Alken, trains depart every hour towards Skanderborg and Silkeborg. Between Vrold and Skanderborg Sø, where there is a hostel and campsite, the route goes through a deciduous forest with many large old trees.

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A climbing course is a long series of steel wire strung out between the treetops and with obstacles in between each treetop.


Only a few minutes away from a fantastic morning dip!